Vive Perú is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering understanding of Latin American and Peruvian culture and providing much-needed aid to Peruvian communities. We work to promote cultural understanding and implement innovative and self-sustainable programs in the areas of health, education, social work and engineering.

Through its relationship with local organizations and institutions, Vive Perú is in continuous dialogue with the Peruvian community to design sustainable projects and initiatives that will have a long-term impact in the areas we work. Much-needed aid is provided through medical campaigns, health education campaigns, English workshops, music enrichment programs and Internet installation projects.

Volunteers are an integral part of our strategy in Peru. Their time, energy, creativity and fundraising efforts make our programs possible, and the relationships they form with the communities in Peru are signs of how programs like this not only support development but are also forming future generations to have a deeper appreciation for other cultures.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about our work in Peru, read about volunteers’ experiences first hand and learn how to support our mission. We invite you to become part of a network of volunteers and donors who are working for a brighter future.

The Vive Perú Team