Spring Break Programs

Our Spring Break programs are geared towards students & alumni looking to make a difference during their time off from school.  Perhaps you don’t have a lot of time to travel, but you would really love to come to Peru, experience its culture, and give something back to the community.  

This weeklong program will have a group focus, and because of its short duration, activities will be done as part of a group and supervised and coordinated closely by Vive Peru staff.  Our goal in this short-term immersion program is to give you a sense of what Peru is all about and give you the chance to give back in a meaningful way.

Volunteers can choose between two tracks during Spring Break. The first is Public Health and the second is Community Development. The Public Health track includes shadowing doctors, participating in medical classes, and doing health outreach within the local community. Community Development involves teaching English, working with children in local foster homes, and community outreach. Volunteers from both tracks will collaborate with one another and participate in many overlapping events. 

Dates: Spring Break 

March 5-13, 2022

Application Deadline: Rolling Admissions

Sample Spring Break Program Itinerary