Our Most Popular Programs
Clinical Medicine
Shadow doctors in local hospitals and run medical campaigns, while improving your medical Spanish.
Public Health
Work with our staff to visit families in the community and work with them to improve their health.
Social Work
Work in government run homes and surrounding communities and develop enrichment programs for children ages 6-17.
Teach English
Run a classroom teaching English or put on concerts to promote music literacy in underprivileged schools.

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Join us to impact Peruvian communities in need!

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What People Say About Vive Peru

"This trip has literally been the experience of a lifetime. I have so many stories to share and so many people I am going to miss so much. "

thumb_01_90_90 Ayoshna Ganesh | Biochemistry at Arizona State University

"I really lucked out on this whole experience. I couldn’t be more happy with it. I will miss Peru and all of the relationships I have formed. Overall, this trip was well-worth the money and time. "

 Alexandra Neumann | Premed at Arizona State University

"The winter session is great. It’s such an enriching way to spend the holidays. There is so much to learn medically in the internship and so much to love about the culture."

thumb_01_90_90Morgan Godley | Pre-med at Arizona State University

"My favorite part about Vive Peru was the cultural aspect and staying in the homestays. While I may not be the most fluent in Spanish, I really grew close to my extended family in Peru."

Olivia Wong | Public Service at Stanford University