Vive Peru's Internet installation and computing program focuses on bringing internet to small towns that have no internet using wireless internet technology and teaching community members basic computing skills.

Although many areas of Peru boast the modern commodities of life that we often take for granted such as running water, electricity and internet, other areas have been completely untouched by the progress and development that other areas of the country have experienced. Large companies simply do not invest in bringing services like internet to small towns outside of the city, simply because the return on investment would not be profitable for them. 

So far, we have brought Internet to the communities of Conache, Campiña La Merced and Galindo in the District of Laredo just outside of Trujillo.  The project serves over 300 schoolchildren and has made internet available at the school as well as at home for a low cost.  We look forward to serving more communities through this program in the future.